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Marina Danilova

Founder and Teacher


One-to-one mentoring

Get help with cases and guidance on developing your knowledge and practice

Clearcut, Inspirational & Anchored in Classics

Herbal medicine is undeniably a must in any clinical practice of Chinese medicine and the path to an acquisition of the basics of this immense ancient treasure of knowledge is normally a very arduous journey.

Marina Danilova's online course offers an introduction to a systemised approach to Chinese herbal medicine  which is at the same time directly applicable in your daily clinical practice. Her teaching is direct, clearcut, inspirational and firmly anchored in classical Chinese medical theory. You will come from this course with the ability to diagnose and treat many health issues, especially cases of chronic deficiency, using a relatively small number of herbs and I warmly recommend this program.

Louis Womack

LAc and Chinese Medical Herbalist

Head of Southern School for Chinese Medicine Sweden

Learnt a lot about Physiology, Herbs & Formulas, & Teaching

I have taken two courses with Marina Danilova.  I took her Chinese Herbal Medicine course and then eagerly signed up for the follow-up course on case studies. Marina’s style is organized, direct and clear.  She is able to take complex theory and express the essence of it in an accessible way.  Each class clearly built on the one before, giving students the tools to work effectively with the theory.  All along, the teachings came alive through actual case studies, ours and hers.  I learned a lot in her classes about physiology, herbs and formulas, but also about teaching.  

I highly recommend her as a teacher for beginners and seasoned practitioners.

Sharon Weizenbaum

Founder & Director

White Pine Healing Arts

United States


Chinese Herbal Medicine

Practitioner Certification {CHM-C}

1 academic year

Build knowledge and skills to introduce herbal medicine into your clinical practice, with clarity and confidence

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Clinical Application {CHM-A}

12 weeks

Develop your expertise and streamline your herbal approach while keeping focus on the results

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