Marina Danilova Holistic Health Clinic


My name is Marina Danilova and I run a natural medicine clinic in Shiplake, Henley-on-Thames, where I offer Chinese herbal medicine and Acupuncture.

It is my privilege to help you and, together, work towards a natural, holistic and lasting solution, unique to you individual health challenges and goals.

Chinese Medicine Helps:

  • Optimise the immune system and increase resistance to infectious diseases.
  • Ensure speedy and proper recovery after a serious illness / treatment.
  • Manage chronic complex illnesses.
  • Improve hormonal health.
  • Support your body during the challenging time of menopausal transition, provide a natural alternative to HRT.
  • Support natural fertility - both female and male, healthy pregnancy and delivery.
  • Improve period health (PMS, endometriosis, PCOS, painful, irregular, heavy menses).
  • Balance mental-emotional health.
  • Improve sleep.
  • Optimise energy levels.
  • Address digestive issues.
  • Improve skin and hair conditions.

and more...

Conventional medicine focuses on what’s wrong and uses intervention - medication and/or surgery - to eliminate it: cut out, suppress, destroy, block, inhibit. While this strategy is successful for some diseases, it is generally ineffective for chronic complex conditions and unnecessary for quality of life issues. In addition, these invasive treatments have side effects and often make the condition worse in the long run.

In our clinic, rather than finding cure for the disease we shift focus to optimising your health. We use a highly individual and holistic approach to minimise the impact of your condition on your daily life and prevent its progression.

We deploy strategies to strengthen your body and recover the balance across functions. We achieve that by applying the powerful natural therapies, primarily Chinese herbal medicine. When needed, we provide guidance on the life style changes to ensure more meaningful and  long-lasting results of the treatment.

When you regain the state of health and adopt the choices that are right for you, you can thrive and enjoy your life to the fullest. 

Chinese Herbal Medicine

The 4-step approach to addressing your health issues

Your Investment in Your Health

The average investment in your health is

£195 - £255 per month


£6.50 - £8.50 per day

"When you find the right practitioner, it should feel like an investment in your health, not an expence."

- Marina Danilova


In clinic or via Zoom

All new patients should start with the initial consultation.

Please see the 4-step approach to understand what to expect.



In clinic or via Zoom

We recommend to have follow up consultations weekly or bi-weekly in the first two months, and every two to four weeks thereafter.



In clinic or by post to a UK address

You normally get herbs for one to three weeks at a time. Email Q&A support is included.

Follow up consultations are required to stay on top of the treatment and are charged for in addition.

Postal fee is added.


In clinic

Acupuncture appointment includes a follow up consultaton. The amount and frequency of recommended treatments is discussed at the initial consultation.

Knowledgeable & Helps Enormously

"Very knowledgeable and covers everything!! Marina is warm and welcoming and instantly put me at ease. Generous with her time, she helps me enormously."

Zara Watkinson

Top Integrity & 

World Class

"Going to see Marina has had significant results on both my physical and mental health.

Outstanding knowledge, wide expertise and top integrity. Simply World Class."

Jan Basel Safar

Custom-designed & 


"Truly positive changes!

All my gratitude to Marina for the acupuncture and herbal treatments which successfully she custom-designed for me". 

Franziska von Vietinghoff-Riesch

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"When it comes to health, even in case of a chronic complex illness, you are the leader for the change.

But leaders don't work alone. Get help that serves your leading role, empowers you. Avoid "help" that makes you dependent and powerless."

- Marina Danilova