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Recovering and optimising your health is not about doing everything possible, but about doing what's right for you!

Initial consulation: Taking as much time as needed (usually 1-1 ½ hours) we discuss your concerns, current situation and health history in order to establish a holistic diagnosis and develop the treatment plan. A fair amount of time is spent on explaining what’s going on in your body and what it needs to recover, what results to expect and how long it may take. 

Do not underestimate the power of talking through your health concerns with a professional. You may not always need to be "treated", but you most probably will benefit from the professional opinion how to achieve at least some of the improvements independently. Depending on your situation you may get recommendations on nutrition, recovery practices and emotional wellbeing, or remedies you can use at home.

Available: in clinic or online (worldwide)

Price: Initial consultation £85

Monthly packages including all consultations and herbs are available and discussed at the first consultation.

Is it right for me?

Since we help you rather than treat your condition, Chinese medicine can be effective in wide variety of issues and helps you achieve many health goals. Examples include but not limited to:

- optimise the immune system and increase resistance to infectious diseases

- ensure speedy and proper recovery after a serious illness / treatment

- improve hormonal health

- support your body during the challenging time of menopausal transition

- support natural fertility - both female and male, healthy pregnancy and delivery

- improve period health (PMS, endo, PCOS, painful, irregular, heavy menses)

- balance mental-emotional health

- improve sleep

- optimise energy levels

- address digestive issues

and much more...


Bespoke herbal formula designed specially for you and modified as treatment progresses.

Available: in clinic or online (UK only - herbs can be picked up or shipped to your home address)

Price: After the initial consultation, starts from £65 per week including a follow up consultation and ongoing email support, shipping cost is added to the fee.

Monthly packages including all consultations and herbs are available and discussed at the first consultation.


The treatment loved by most for its relaxing effect and often instantaneous results.

Available: currently unavailable

Price: from £45, price reduced when added to herbal treatment

Knowledgeable & Helps Enormously

"Very knowledgeable and covers everything!! Marina is warm and welcoming and instantly put me at ease. Generous with her time, she helps me enormously."

Zara Watkinson

Top Integrity & 

World Class

"Going to see Marina has had significant results on both my physical and mental health.

Outstanding knowledge, wide expertise and top integrity. Simply World Class."

Jan Basel Safar

Custom-designed & 


"Truly positive changes!

All my gratitude to Marina for the acupuncture and herbal treatments which successfully she custom-designed for me". 

Franziska von Vietinghoff-Riesch

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