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Autoimmune and chronic pains

"Going to see Marina has had significant results on both my physical and mental health. For five years now, I have been on heavy prescription medication with a lot of severe side effects. Thanks to her great knowledge in both herbs and acupuncture I have been able to steadily decrease my prescription intake. Constant pains and tensions have been remarkably reduced. I mentally feel more awake and aware, motivated and stable towards my surroundings and myself. Rather than providing a quick fix, she puts effort into truly finding the source of my pain and strengthening my body which greatly improves my quality of life. I wouldn’t be able to do the things I do today if it weren’t for her help and thorough care. One could explain it as such that I have been drowning for 5 years and through her tailored approach she has brought me back to the surface. "

Jan, 20

Lund, Sweden 2015


"I came to Marina to treat a large ovarian cyst. After a few months of treatment I am happy to report that my severe period pain reduced significantly and I can now avoid taking large dosage of painkillers. After an ultrasound check my gynaecologist confirmed 40% reduction in the cyst size and said the ovary removal surgery he suggested earlier was no longer necessary!"

Jenny, 38

Malmo, Sweden, 2017

PMS and painful period

"My consultation with Marina and further treatment with herbs was due to symptoms that often are not treated by Western medicine. I have been experiencing very severe pain in the first days of my period over the years. In addition to that I was suffering from mood swings and pain in my breasts few days before the period started. After six weeks of taking herbs I have no PMS any more and the level of pain during first days of period reduces drastically. I feel much better and able to live more active life! Besides I don't need to take painkillers every month."

Z, 30

Malmo, Sweden, 2017

Sugar addiction

"Thank you very much for your help to overcome my sugar addiction while treating my stomach system with acupuncture. It helped me  stay in balance. You really did a great job! Now one year later  I still keep my weight and am very happy about it."

Female, 42

Malmo, Sweden, 2016


"I am a rather low-energy person, a 'young' 73 year-old.  Add to that an emotional crisis a couple of years ago - my husband left me after 30 years together -  and you definitely get an even more low-energy self.

In my efforts to re-boot my life, believe me how happy I  am to have met Marina Danilova.

Marina listened, analysed, and treated me with acupuncture and with herbal teas (daily tasty drinks). In the herb mixture I recognize cinnamon sticks but the remainder of herbs and seeds are all in Marina's specialist knowledge.

Now after several months of treatment I am so pleased to report that my body is energetic enough to keep me gently active the whole day. In addition, my libido once more makes itself felt.  Truly are positive feelings and sensations.

All my gratitude to Marina for the acupuncture and herb treatments which successfully she custom-designed for me". 

Franziska von Vietinghoff-Riesch

Malmö, Sweden, November 2017

Sleeping problems

"Good morning Marina. Once again I want to say thank you for the consultation. After talking to you I realized that in fact it is not worth delving into self-analysis but instead focus on sorting out the sleep and not try to understand what is wrong with it. You managed to explain it in very beautiful and simple words. Neither psychologists nor doctors told me that before. So I kept having problems with sleep, thinking that I should always understand the reasons within me. Very tired of understanding. Thanks again! Wishing you health and a good day!"


Malmo, Sweden, 2017

translated from Russian

Bell's Palsy

I was hit by Bell's Palsy in September 2014 and after about 1 year I still had a tearing eye on the affected side when I was eating. Although it had been 1 year since the initial onset, I wanted to give acupuncture a chance when I had no other choice. Nothing else I had tried helped.

When I met Marina, I really liked her, she had a mild way to ask direct questions about my general condition. I then laid down and relaxed for about 30min per session, always feeling rested after the treatment. In addition, I felt how the facial nerves pulsated after the visit.

I went on treatment with acupuncture about 3 times a week for 3 weeks and now I can thank Marina for being able to eat without a tearing eye. She is definitely worth a visit.

J, 25

Malmo, Sweden, 2015

translated from Swedish

Stress and digestive issues

"I am very pleased with the result after Marina's treatments. I came to get help with my stress and stomach discomfort and I feel a big difference. I  receive both acupuncture and herbs that Marina has chosen for me. It's not just the stomach that's gotten better but also my ability to concentrate and my energy level. I will continue with her treatments and can only recommend Marina's clinic."

Yulia, 27

Lund, Sweden, 2015

translated from Swedish

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