Bespoke Herbal Treatment,

Acupuncture &

Self-Care Empowerment

Is this you?

You struggle with chronic health issues, or mid-life health challenges?

You want your life to be less about your health issues and more about doing the things you love?

You want to feel like yourself again?

You want to make sense of what’s going on in your body and feel more in control again?

You want to feel heard, understood and supported along the way?

I’ve successfully helped people like you before!

  • Ulcerative colitis - back to normal life, got off all medication.
  • Ovarian cysts - cyst reduced, surgery avoided.
  • Endometriosis - pain medication reduced, hormonal medication and surgery avoided.
  • IBS - digestion normalised, food sensitivities reduced.
  • Fibromyalgia - pains dramatically reduced, energy level improved.
  • Elevated blood sugar - blood sugar normalised without mediciation.
  • CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) - got off most pain medication, back to full time job after months on a sick leave.
  • Menopausal anxiety, insomnia and severe hot flashes - symptoms remarkably reduced, sleep normalised, HRT avoided.
  • Anxiety & depression - mood improved, anti-depressants avoided.
  • Uterine bleeding - bleeding stopped, got off hormonal medication.
  • UTI - antibiotics avoided, recurrent UTI’s prevented.
  • Insomnia - sleep normalised, got off sleeping pills.
  • Fatigue in later life – energy level recovered, libido returned.
  • Amenorrhea - period normalised, hormonal medication avoided.

These are just a few examples of the results achieved in my clinic. Yet, I don’t treat any of the above conditions! I treat people, or put it more accurate:


I help YOU to finally relieve your suffering and improve your health.


These results are made possible due to the highly personalised and holistic approach and the focus on a natural lasting solution unique to your challenges.

Chinese Medicine Clinic for women with chronic or midlife heatlh issues Henley-on-Thames

"Very knowledgeable and covers everything!! Marina is warm and welcoming and instantly put me at ease. Generous with her time, she helps me enormously."

Zara Watkinson

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How does it work?

INITIAL CONSULTATION. Taking as much time as needed (usually 1-1 ½ hours) we discuss your concerns, current situation and health history in order to establish a holistic diagnosis and develop the treatment plan. A fair amount of time is spent on explaining what’s going on in your body and what it needs to recover, what results to expect and how long it may take.


TREATMENT. In my clinic I rely on the effectiveness of herbal treatment. The formula (the combination of a few herbs) is designed specially for you and being modified as the treatment progresses. This ensures we are always in control and take action at the first sign of change. As a rule, I use raw herbs of high quality (most of them organic or premium) and mix them in the clinic into daily dosages. You get the instructions how to prepare and take them at home. Acupuncture treatment can be added when beneficial.


SELF-CARE EMPOWERMENT. You get help in the clinic as long as you need to, but it is also important is to enable you to take care of your health and maintain the results independently. We review your current situation and work out a plan of the changes you can implement on your own to benefit your health. Depending on your situation this may include recommendations on nutrition, recovery practices and emotional wellbeing, or remedies you can use at home.


ADJUSTMENT. We meet regularly, usually weekly, to track the progress of the treatment and make adjustments if necessary. That’s when you get herbs, receive an acupuncture treatment and discuss actions for self-care for the next period.


COMPASSIONATE SUPPORT. I commit to be there for you when you need me. Any treatment may raise new questions or concerns, but you won’t need to worry waiting until the next appointment – just send an email and get your questions answered within a few hours (max 24). Also, if you feel a need for an unplanned visit, it will be arranged for you at the first opportunity.


  • Standard price for 1 month: £295
  • Repeat the program: 10% discount
  • Continue the treament beyond 2 months: 20% discount

    Please see the full Price List

    "Outstanding knowledge, wide expertise and top integrity. Simply World Class."

    Jan Basel Safar

    "Marina's treatment space just oozes calm and tranquility, as does Marina herself, with an added dose of kindness and caring"

    Nicola Kenworthy


    Marina's Clinic in Shiplake, Henley-on-Thames

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