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Look around - given the right conditions the nature can’t help being fertile. When helping couples in my clinic it is all about creating the optimal conditions to give nature a chance.

Facing fertility issues, couples are likely to feel under pressure and are often led to believe that the only help possible will come from Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), e.g. IVF. While it is true in rare cases, more often than not less invasive, more natural treatments give as good or a better chance of having a baby.

Naturopathic understanding of fertility is that one needs to be strong and healthy to be fertile. Therefore in my clinic I always prioritise strengthening the health of the future parents, particularly the mother. That’s the foundation of increasing the probability of  conceiving naturally, having a smooth pregnancy and labour, living a long and healthy life to bring up your child, and, importantly, passing good health to your baby, and to future generations!

And when IVF is the only option, adding the natural therapies will increase the chance of conception, as well as minimise the impact of the invasive procedures on the mother’s health.

When working with fertility patients I am using various natural therapies including herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, lifestyle and dietary advice, acupuncture, and guidance on emotional wellbeing.

Please book an initial consultation with me, in-person or online, to understand your options.

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