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Marina Danilova Chinese Medicine Clinic & School

Western Medicine or Chinese Medicine:

Which is More Effective?

Western medicine (WM) in a relatively short time has advanced tremendously.  It is focusing on the physical body and is the reason behind the increased life expectancy. It excels in life threatening situations... continue reading

Emotions and the Heart in Chinese Medicine

In classical Chinese medicine the harmony of the heart is of primary significance to physical health and longevity. There is no separation between body and mind. “If the spirit is at peace, the heart is in harmony; when the heart is in harmony, the body is whole ... if one seeks to heal the physical body, therefore, one needs to regulate the spirit first.” ... continue reading

Chinese Medicine and Women's Health

The vast majority of patients in my clinic are women, and 95% of them report a gynaecological issue as their primary or accompanying concern. Do these women tend to resort to alternative medicine because they are more open to natural treatment? Only partially. The main reason is, sadly, the poor management of chronic women’s health issues by conventional medicine. ... continue reading

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