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Western Medicine or Chinese Medicine:

Which is More Effective?

Western medicine (WM) in a relatively short time has advanced tremendously.  It is focusing on the physical body and is the reason behind the increased life expectancy. It excels in life threatening situations thanks to its powerful drugs, artificial support, surgical procedures, and other technological advances. When we talk about management of chronic issues however, WM often fails to deliver significant improvements and can make the situation worse by suppressing symptoms and producing side effects. 

Chinese medicine (CM) is at least 2,500 years old. It is a science in its own right and is based on the fundamentally different principles than the ones we are used to in the West. CM is focusing on an individual as a whole, leaving no aspect of our being behind. It offers time-tested practices and methods to prevent disease, actively “nourish life”, and manage complex chronic conditions. The aim of CM, when practiced appropriately, is to restore the functional balances to the optimal level, the treatments are gentle and generally take time. 

I would sum it up by saying that Western medicine CONQUERS NATURE and Chinese medicine WORKS WITH NATURE. 

Do we want to leave it to nature when we contract a deadly infection? Do we want to go against nature when all our body needs is the right conditions to be able to use the innate intelligence of recovering to the harmonious state?

Neither of the systems is superior or inferior in absolute terms, it all depends on each particular situation. By understanding strengths and weaknesses of the both systems, we can embrace their individual values and benefit from making informed choices.

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