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Are you a practitioner looking to introduce Chinese herbal medicine into your clinical practice, with clarity and confidence?

Are you already qualified in herbal medicine but still struggle to grasp the essence of Chinese medicine and get the clinical results you have been hoping for?

We offer online programmes to provide you with insights and skills to

advance in the art of medicine and become

a more effective, independent and confident practitioner

 who applies herbs with clarity and

helps in a consistent and meaningful way.


Chinese Herbal Medicine

Practitioner Certification {CHM-C}

1 academic year

Build knowledge and skills to introduce herbal medicine into your clinical practice, with clarity and confidence

Next round starts on Oct 1, 2021

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Clinical Application {CHM-A}

12 weeks

Already qualified in herbal medicine? Join for Modules 1 - 3 to develop your expertise and streamline your herbal approach while keeping focus on the results

Next round starts on Oct 1, 2021

Clearcut, Inspirational & Anchored in Classics

Clear, Effective, Practical & Revolutionary

Brilliant, Encouraging & Insightful 

One of the Best Educational Investments

Learnt a lot about Physiology, Herbs & Formulas, & Teaching

Clinically Valuable & Deep

Chinese Herbal Medicine Clinical Application online training program


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Inside the Programmes


Foundations and Circular Physiology

First, we learn and contemplate the classical perspective on being alive, having a body, and how it synchronises with nature. We go to the very “root” of Chinese medicine, which is the ancient principle of Life (Heaven) submerging into the Body (Earth) and the circular physiology unveiling from this principle. We build practical understanding of the functioning of the healthy body using the Six Conformations (Liu Jing). We conclude with the model of health which becomes the basis for the diagnosis, treatment strategy and herbal application.


Pathologies, Diagnosis and Treament Strategy

Mastering the diagnosis is at the core of any successful treatment. When we comprehend the basics fully, we can successfully interpret disharmonies, big or small. To ensure the precision of the diagnosis we learn to have a structure to the intake and ask questions with purpose. We aim for the level of accuracy that enables us to avoid big mistakes, and anticipate and correct small ones. When the diagnosis is spot-on the clinical application becomes straightforward and safe. We act with confidence.


Herbs, Formula Design & Modification

The therapeutic focus of the programme is the application of herbal medicine. In this module we learn how to achieve results using about forty herbs that are safe and work well together. When each herb’s action is clear, designing and modifying formula becomes logical and does not require memorisation. In this module we give special attention to Si Ni Fa, the method which is used for the vast majority of patients in the modern clinic. 

We continue developing our knowledge of herbal application by learning some of the key formulas of the Shang Han Lun, the main Chinese herbal medicine classic. Rather than copying the prescriptions, we look to understand Zhang Zhong Jing’s methods behind the formulas. We learn additional herbs, but above all we use the classic to deepen our understanding of the physiology, diagnosis and the art of the herbal application.


Introduction to Classical Formulas



Practicing is an important part of the learning approach for this programme. You start applying learnings to your clinical cases early in the programme, while in its final module case studies become the primary focus. We continue learning from the feedback and each other's cases in the live classes.


Final Project and Exam

In the end of the programme you submit an essay on a topic related to the training and have a written exam which will be organised online.

Note: CHM Practitioner Certification programme includes all Modules. CHM Clinical Application programme includes Modules 1 to 3.

Marina Danilova Academy of Holistic Healing Arts Chinese Herbal Medicine training online

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