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Are you a practitioner looking to introduce Chinese herbal medicine into your clinical practice, with clarity and confidence?

Are you already qualified in herbal medicine but still struggle to grasp the essence of Chinese medicine and get the clinical results you have been hoping for?

We offer a choice of online programmes to provide you with insights and skills to

advance in your art of medicine and become

a more effective, independent and confident practitioner who can

achieve consistent and predictable results,

using herbs!


Chinese Herbal Medicine

Practitioner Certification {CHM-C}

6 months

Build knowledge and skills to introduce herbal medicine into your clinical practice, with clarity and confidence

Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

starts on October 26, 2020

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Clinical Application {CHM-A}

12 weeks

Develop your expertise and streamline your herbal approach while keeping focus on the results

Spring 2021

starts on February 8, 2021

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Practicum {CHM-P}

12 weeks

Develop your clinical experience of herbal application (for the Academy graduates only)

Fall 2020

starts on September 7, 2020

Chinese Herbal Medicine Clinical Application online training program


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Clear, Effective, Practical & Revolutionary

"Marina Danilova is obviously onto the core, the inner being, the very heart of ancient wisdom known as Chinese Medicine. And not only is she a great Practitioner, she is also a great Teacher! With clarity, accuracy and elegance she is able to compress thousands of years of knowledge into one little red pill. And, offering it to you, she also gives you a few very effective and precise tools to handle it. Marina’s teaching makes you see truth, think for yourself, stand on your feet and continuously develop a medicine that truly makes a difference.

After seven years in a Hunyuan clinic as an assistant, I am totally impressed of how easy Marina manages to sum up everything I saw and heard over the years into a few classes. And I am grateful that I now feel more ready than ever to take action as a practitioner.

Marina’s teaching is hands on, practical and revolutionary. With a steady hand and as a reliable friend she guides you through what you need to know to get even further. I strongly recommend her teachings!" 

Rebecca Löfstrand Johansson

Chinese Medicine Practitioner


Brilliant, Encouraging & Insightful 

“This course was such a gift. In all my studies, I am always seeking to understand the root. I wasn’t sure how to accomplish that with herbs. This course not only gave me that insight but the knowledge transfers beautifully into the acupuncture side of what I have learned as well.

Marina's perspective is brilliant. Her heart was the greatest gift in this teaching. I feel encouraged and confident to continue on in my practice.

Thank you very much.

I really loved the course. It was one of the best educational investments I have made.

Terri Abel 



Impressive &

Good Return on Investment

"I am hugely impressed of how much I learned during this course. From no pre-knowledge to a few weeks later feeling equipped to treat patients with Chinese herbs.

Marina's way of building the course is easy to follow and supports both the foundations with true understanding of the theory and also the hands-on practice. Material, time, structure - everything gets the highest marks.

Even though it is an online course, you can really feel how skilled and warm-hearted Marina is, which made me feel safe as a participant to ask questions and share my thoughts.

Good return on investment, both in terms of money and time!

Jennie Nilsson

Dr of Naprapathy and TCM student


Inside the Programmes


Foundations and Circular Physiology

First, we learn and contemplate the traditional perspective on being alive, having a body, and how it synchronises with nature. We are getting a firm grasp of the very “root” of Chinese medicine, which is the ancient principle of Life (Heaven) submerging into the Body (Earth) and the circular physiology unveiling from this principle. We build a practical understanding of the functioning of the healthy body (physiology) using Six Conformations (Liu Jing). We conclude with the model of health which becomes the basis for the diagnosis, treatment strategy and herbal application.


Pathologies, Diagnosis and Treament Strategy

Mastering the diagnosis is at the core of any successful treatment. When we comprehend the basics fully, we can successfully interpret disharmonies, big or small. To ensure the precision of the diagnosis we learn to have a structure to the intake and ask questions with purpose. We aim for the level of accuracy that enables us to avoid big mistakes, and anticipate and correct small ones. When the diagnosis is spot-on the clinical application becomes straightforward and safe. We act with confidence.


Herbal Medicine Clinical Application


Practicum and Certification

Practicing is an important part of the learning approach for this programme. You start applying learnings to your clinical cases early in the programme, while in its final module case studies become the primary focus. We continue learning from each other's cases in the live classes. The module completes with the final written project and the exam for those who pursue the certification.

The therapeutic focus of the program is the application of herbal medicine. We learn how to achieve results using about 40 herbs that are safe and work well together. Like with the rest of the training, we aim for understanding rather than copying. When each herb’s action is clear, designing and modifying formula becomes logical and does not require memorisation. 

Marina Danilova Academy of Holistic Healing Arts Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner Certification

Marina Danilova is a Chinese Medicine practitioner passionate about researching its classical roots with one primary purpose: to benefit her patients in a consistent and effective way. Marina has been running her own clinic, first in Sweden and now in the UK, specialising on applying Classical Chinese Medicine to women’s health.

As a Chinese Medicine educator, Marina founded Academy of Holistic Healing Arts. She hosted successful seminars and now teaches online. Marina is appreciated for her inspirational and concise teaching style, the clarity and the clinical relevance of the material, and the support her students can count on. 

CHM Practitioner Certification programme includes all 4 Modules.

CHM Clinical Application programme includes Modules 1 to 3.


Marina Danilova

"There is more than one way to learn Chinese herbal medicine. The approach you choose should be driven by your objective. Mine has always been to become a better practitioner - to apply the medicine with clarity, confidence, and consistent clinical results.

First, I took the conventional approach - memorising herbs and formulas and matching them to symptoms and patterns. This resulted in more learning but did not get me much closer to my goal. My knowledge still felt disjointed and my practice was more like trial and error. Naturally, I did my best with every patient, but I could not really explain why in some cases my treatment worked and in others it did not. I realised then, that clinical success does not always correlate with the amount of training and experience you have.

Now I know that there were a few important pieces missing from this approach. It is only when I shifted my focus to developing a deep understanding of the foundational principle of life that I could transform my knowledge and practice. Grasping the basics, the very essence of our medicine made it possible to truly understand the physiology, deduce the pathology, master the diagnosis and achieve results using a relatively small number of herbs. I finally felt I had the right to take on this big responsibility to help others.

Now, I want to give others an option of learning the same way. I have designed this training programme for practitioners whose goal is not just to learn herbs, but to advance in their art of medicine, become a more effective, independent and confident practitioners, who achieve consistent and predictable results, using herbs."

Provides a New Approach

“I have thoroughly enjoyed Marina's course and teaching style. It has provided a new approach to assessing patients and prescribing herbs.

Thank you so much.

Anna Krypczyk


Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner


Clinically Valuable & Deep

I really enjoyed Marina’s teaching. Especially the concept of circular physiology as an easily accessible way to work with a profound understanding of yin and yang, and life as a function of yin and yang. The herbal application to this is beautiful. Taking this course has added valuable and deep understanding to my daily work in clinic.

Sylvia Agorander

Dipl. Homiatriker, Holistic Care Naturmedicin


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Marina Danilova Academy of Holistic Healing Arts Chinese Herbal Medicine training online

2. Have a preview to the learning approach

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