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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Clinical Application: Women's Health

Online Programme

Fall 2020


12 weeks

Starts on September 7, 2020


Online: recorded and live classes

Group forum & Cases support


Upon successful completion you receive Certificate from Academy of Holistic Healing Arts


Opens on June 1, 2020

Places limited

Are you a practitioner looking to introduce herbal medicine into your clinical practice, with clarity and confidence?

Do you have a particular interest in women’s health?

This programme is your opportunity to develop as a clinician and achieve more consistent, predictable and meaningful results for your patients.

Is this programme for you?

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Chinese Herbal Medicine Clinical Application online training program

Designed and delivered by Marina Danilova, this programme is aimed at enabling you with knowledge and skills to become a more effective clinician by introducing herbs into your therapeutic repertoire. Based on her training, research and experience, Marina teaches the approach which preserves the timeless wisdom from Chinese philosophical and medical classics, yet is graspable, pragmatic and relevant to modern day practice.

Those who chose the path of Chinese Medicine because of its high potential will appreciate the programme’s focus on achieving better results for their patients.

Clearcut, Inspirational & Anchored in Classics

Herbal medicine is undeniably a must in any clinical practice of Chinese medicine and the path to an acquisition of the basics of this immense ancient treasure of knowledge is normally a very arduous journey.

Marina Danilova's online course offers an introduction to a systemised approach to Chinese herbal medicine  which is at the same time directly applicable in your daily clinical practice. Her teaching is direct, clearcut, inspirational and firmly anchored in classical Chinese medical theory. You will come from this course with the ability to diagnose and treat many health issues, especially cases of chronic deficiency, using a relatively small number of herbs and I warmly recommend this program.

Louis Womack

LAc and Chinese Medical Herbalist

Head of Southern School for Chinese Medicine Sweden

Brilliant, Encouraging & Insightful 

“This course was such a gift. In all my studies, I am always seeking to understand the root. I wasn’t sure how to accomplish that with herbs. This course not only gave me that insight but the knowledge transfers beautifully into the acupuncture side of what I have learned as well.

Marina's perspective is brilliant. Her heart was the greatest gift in this teaching. I feel loved and encouraged and confident to continue on in my practice.

Thank you very much.

I really loved the course. It was one of the best educational investments I have made.

Terri Abel 



Impressive &

Good Return on Investment

"I am hugely impressed of how much I learned during this course. From no pre-knowledge to 10 weeks later being comfortable to treat patients with Chinese herbs.

Marina's way of building the course is easy to follow and supports both the foundations with true understanding of the theory and also the hands-on practice. Material, time, structure - everything gets the highest marks.

Even though it is an online course, you can really feel how skilled and warm-hearted Marina is, which made me feel safe as a participant to ask questions and share my thoughts.

Good return on investment, both in terms of money and time!

Jennie Nilsson

Dr of Naprapathy and TCM student


Inside the Programme

Marina Danilova is a Chinese Medicine practitioner passionate about researching its classical roots with one primary purpose: to benefit her patients in a consistent and effective way. Marina has been running her own clinic, first in Sweden and now in the UK, specialising on applying Classical Chinese Medicine to women’s health.

In the process of her TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) training, she realised that it is only by integrating Chinese medicine’s philosophical roots that she can develop her practice to its highest potential. Inspired by her teacher, Louis Womack, she pursued the path of the classical approach focusing on herbalism. Among her qualifications Marina gives special credit to her certification in, and continues study of Hunyuan medicine which, in her experience, enables to help with consistent, reproducible and predictable results. Marina continues to be mentored by Hunyuan founder Yaron Seidman and works on her own research into the works of Zhang Zhongjing, Zheng Qin’an and other ancient and more recent classics.

As a Chinese Medicine educator, Marina founded Academy of Holistic Healing Arts. She hosted successful seminars and now teaches online. Marina is appreciated for her inspirational and concise teaching style, the clarity and the clinical relevance of the material, and the support her students can count on. 

Clinically Valuable & Deep

I really enjoyed Marina’s teaching. Especially the concept of circular physiology as an easily accessible way to work with a profound understanding of yin and yang, and life as a function of yin and yang. The herbal application to this is beautiful. Taking this course has added valuable and deep understanding to my daily work in clinic.

Sylvia Agorander

Dipl. Homiatriker, Holistic Care Naturmedicin


Provides a New Approach

“I have thoroughly enjoyed Marina's course and teaching style. It has provided a new approach to assessing patients and prescribing herbs.

Thank you so much.

Anna Krypczyk


Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner


Clear, Effective, Practical & Revolutionary

"Marina Danilova is obviously onto the core, the inner being, the very heart of ancient wisdom known as Chinese Medicine. And not only is she a great Practitioner, she is also a great Teacher! With clarity, accuracy and elegance she is able to compress thousands of years of knowledge into one little red pill. And, offering it to you, she also gives you a few very effective and precise tools to handle it. Marina’s teaching makes you see truth, think for yourself, stand on your feet and continuously develop a medicine that truly makes a difference.

After seven years in a Hunyuan clinic as an assistant, I am totally impressed of how easy Marina manages to sum up everything I saw and heard over the years into a few classes. And I am grateful that I now feel more ready than ever to take action as a practitioner.

Marina’s teaching is hands on, practical and revolutionary. With a steady hand and as a reliable friend she guides you through what you need to know to get even further. I strongly recommend her teachings!" 

Rebecca Löfstrand Johansson

Chinese Medicine Practitioner



Marina Danilova

“We live and learn and that’s particularly true if you choose a path of Chinese Medicine. However, clinical success does not always correlate with the amount of training and experience. You get better with time and practice but only when you start from the place of clarity and understanding. You need the right knowledge, not just more learning. With this in mind I have created the programme to save you years of training and start getting results now.

Remember why you chose this profession in the first place? You don’t need to settle for trial and error. Helping others is a great responsibility which, completing this training, you will feel you have the right taking! I will share with you my love for herbs and show you the way from building clarity to developing confidence and improving clinical outcomes.”

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