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Academy of Holistic Healing Arts provides professional education for Chinese medicine practitioners and final year students, online. Our training programmes in Chinese Herbal Medicine challenge the way practitioners study and develop, and expose you to insights, skills and inspiration for truly transformational learning, and successful practice.

We carefully design our programmes to offer you a practical systematic approach to learning herbs. We aim high to enable you to become a more effective, independent and confident practitioner who achieves consistent and predictable results. We know it won’t happen if you learn to apply herbal medicine relying on memorising herbs and copying formulas. Helping others is a great responsibility which requires deep understanding and solid reasoning.

Aspiring for the classical vision of the upper-level practitioner, we put emphasis on the essential principles of Chinese medicine. This way we secure the foundation all knowledge and successful practice can be built on. We take you step by step from the basics that are rooted in Chinese philosophical and medical classics to developing firm understanding of physiology and pathology, to mastering the diagnosis. When it comes to the herbal application, we are honoured to be transmitting an elegant, simple yet powerful approach which comes from the lineage of the Fire Spirit School and is developed by the Hunyuan teachings.

Thank you for your interest in our programmes. We look forward to working with you and, together, elevate our profession to the level Chinese medicine deserves!


Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Teacher

Marina Danilova is a Chinese Medicine practitioner passionate about researching its classical roots with the primary purpose to benefit her patients in a consistent and effective way. Marina has been running her clinic, first in Sweden and now in the UK, specialising on applying Classical Chinese Medicine to women’s health. 

In the process of her TCM training, she realised that it is only by integrating Chinese medicine’s philosophical roots that she can develop her practice to its highest potential. Inspired by her teacher, Louis Womack, she pursued the path of the classical approach focusing on herbalism. She has learnt from some of the prominent teachers of our times, including Heiner Fruehauf and Yaron Seidman. Among her qualifications Marina gives special credit to her certification in Hunyuan medicine which has further developed the Huai Xuan the Fire Spirit School teachings and, in her experience, enables to help with consistent, reproducible and predictable results. Marina continues to be mentored by Yaron Seidman, the founder of Hunyuan, and works on deepening her understanding of the works of Liu Yuan, Zheng Qin’an and other ancient and more recent classics.

As a Chinese Medicine educator, Marina founded Academy of Holistic Healing Arts to give other practitioners an option to study in the way that was transformational to her knowledge and practice. Marina is appreciated for her inspirational and concise teaching style, the clarity and the clinical relevance of the material, and the support her students can rely on.


She also holds a university degree in Law and has 22 years of international experience in corporate business.


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