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Hunyuan Herbal Application

Malmo, Sweden

Shiplake, UK


December 3-4, 2018



9.30 - 17.30

9.30 - 17.30

Early bird deadline

October 15


Standard price deadline

November 15



no prior knowledge of herbs is required

Course outline:

- Clarity on the principle, diagnosis and treatment strategy 

- Hunyuan herbs

- Formula design and modification

- Fertility treatment with herbs

- Patient cases

About Hunyuan:

Hunyuan medicine is known for its beautiful simplicity and high efficacy. Founded by Dr Yaron Seidman, it is influenced by Chinese prominent teachings of Confucius and Lao Zi, Zhang Zhong Jing (Shan Han Lun), Liu Yuan (Huai Xuan school) and Zheng Qinan (Fire Spirit school), and is constantly illuminated and developed by Yaron’s relentless research and deepening understanding of Life. The focus for a practitioner mastering Hunyuan is switched from memorising patterns, protocols and formulas to understanding the principle which makes the application simple.

As confirmed by the feedback from the previous participants, the learnings from this 2-day course can be immediately applied in practice.

Language: English

Instructor: Marina Danilova

Application and questions via the Contract form  below.


Standard price: 190 GBP

Early bird price:  160 GBP


the registration fee of 50 GPB is not refundable in any event. The difference will be refunded if  the cancellation request is sent no later than 2 weeks prior to the event. Thereafter no refund.   



Past events

Hunyuan Introduction course in Malmo, Sweden, May 2018

Dear Marina!

Thank you very much for this very inspiring seminar this weekend! 

Just as with Yaron Seidmans seminar in Kolding 2016 – Hunyuan continues to be the source that keps on giving :)

It was again very generous with knowledge, no fuzz, very functional.

I would say I'm not the only one who feels I learned a lot in just a couple of days that will be possible to start practising with better results immediately.

I think if you want to be effective practising Chinese medicine, not stumbling around trying to find relevant methods and facts of how to practise,  Hunyuan is a very good path to take (as someone else already has gathered all the vaste knowledge into something very valuable, graspable and ready for you to use)

And Marina you are such a very good teacher!

Huge thanks for a great weekend. I´ll be back! :D

Kajsa Gillberg, Malmo, Sweden

Hi Marina,

Thank you for an inspiring introduction course to Hunyuan! I got a lot of information and insight into Hunyuan method and I’m excited to learn more. You are a great teacher Marina!

Frida Sihvo, Helsinborg, Sweden

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