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My clinical approach is influenced by classical Chinese philosophy of health and life. The goal of all treatments is to preserve health, restore balance and enhance self-healing. The priority is to benefit life in the widest sense - physical well-being, a happy and peaceful heart, harmonious relationships, and self-expression are equally important, connected and affect one another. Focusing on you as an individual, considering various aspects of your life, approaching the treatment holistically,  and applying gentle yet powerful natural therapies is what sets apart and gives value to  Chinese medicine today.

Your first visit to the clinic takes about 90 minutes and includes hearing your concerns, taking your history, feeling your pulse, and looking at your tongue. The aim is to establish what help you need in order to  heal and restore  harmony. A fair amount of time is spent on explaining the treatment strategy - how you are going to be treated, why this treatment is best for you, and what results to expect.



Difficulty to conceive naturally or sustain pregnancy

Painful, irregular, heavy periods and other issues affecting the quality of life during the reproductive years

Menopausal and post-menopausal issues


Headaches, migraines

Muscle or joint pain in autoimmune or undiagnosed conditions

Digestive discomfort, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)

Low energy, unrefreshing sleep, exteme exhaustion

Frequent colds and infections

Side effects of prescription medication, chemo- or radiotherapy


Depression, anxiety,  worry, and other mood disorders

Chronic stress and sleeping problems

Brain fog, difficulty to concentrate and stay focused

Difficult times of loss or transition



Organic, vegan, from reputable sources and free from contamination

Should you be advised to take herbs, they will be blended into the formula specially for you. Normally, weekly follow up visits are planned to review the progress of the treatment and modify the formula, if necessary.

Most of the time, you will get raw herbs that you cook at home. Making a herbal infusion using a thermos makes it a convenient method even for those with a busy schedule or during travelling. Herbs in a pill form may be prescribed, if appropriate.


When required, replaced or supplemented by acupressure, cupping or heat application

From the modern scientific research point of view, acupuncture stimulates the nervous system and causes the release of neurochemical messenger molecules. The resulting biochemical changes influence the body's homeostatic mechanisms, thus promoting physical and emotional well-being*.

From the traditional perspective, acupuncture is used to harmonise the flow of Qi, or Vital Energy, with a goal to restore balance and enhance self-healing.

Acupuncture treatments are usually very relaxing. The result of feeling calmer and more balanced is often instantenious, and patients tend to look forward to their next appointment. A few sessions are normally recommended for the lasting benefit.

*  from British Acupuncture Council website


Optimal nutrition and whole food supplements

When we eat what's right for us individually, other therapies become more effective, or may not be needed at all. Food is a gift and to be enjoyed, and the focus is as much on your relationship with food and how you eat as on what you eat. 

Supplementing your food intake with what your body may be lacking has  shown to be beneficial in certain conditions. The vitamins & minerals offered at my clinic are made using high quality whole foods, which makes them truly natural supplements and allows for optimal absorption by the body.


Heart method for self-knowledge and self-cultivation

Most of the time what we think, say, or do is a result of the mind conditioned by the past experiences or interpretation of these experiences. Without noticing it, we act habitually, without questioning it, we react to situations the same way over and over again. If these reactions are not appropriate they become destructive to our life, making us deeply unhappy or physically ill. By breaking these mind habits and developing the way of understanding what’s best for us at every given moment we can become and remain healthy and happy. Guidance on how to achieve it in practice is provided alongside other treatments in the clinic, when you need it, and if you want it.

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