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The approach I use in my clinic is rooted in Chinese classical medicine, but has been developed to be relevant and successful in modern-day practice.

Today in the Western world we are fortunate to have an access to the high quality healthcare which excels in emergency and life threatening situations that require surgical or drug intervention. But these strong measures may not be necessary, optimal, or even effective, in all cases. When it comes to addressing chronic disorders and fertility, improving quality of life and longevity, or restoring emotional harmony, natural therapy may be a preferable solution, either on its own, or as a complement to  conventional treatment.


In my clinic I help you  feel your best with natural, effective, individualised and enjoyable treatments: tasty herbal teas, relaxing acupuncture, infrared light therapy, aromatherapy, food-grown supplements. Guidance on lifestyle, nutrition, recovery practices and balancing emotions is provided as part of the treatment so that you can independently and continuously stay happy and healthy. The result is the optimised health: reduced physical discomfort, more energy, good quality sleep, smooth digestion, and a happier heart!

For couples with fertility issues my priority is to create the right conditions by strengthening the health of the parents so that the conception can occur naturally.

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